Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life Now

I though perhaps I would give an update on how we're doing.  We have made the transition for two to three quite easy.  Sami is such a good baby that there hasn't  been much of a transition to make! We are very lucky! She started sleeping an average of 6-7 hours per night starting at around 7 weeks or so and has continued this marvelous trend to this day, now averaging around 9 hours of sleep.  She also likes to have some pretty long naps during the day. She is a girl who loves her sleep!  She is getting better at holding her head up, and I think in a couple of weeks she will be able to hold it up without much difficulty!  She gave me her first full out giggle 2 days ago! The cutest thing ever! On top of, of course, her cute gummy smile that she is so willing to offer me!  She is also starting to be more observant to those around her, and last week was the fist time that she reached out and grabbed one of her toys, a stuffed monkey that plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"! This is currently her favorite object and it can content her for quite a while! She loves watching little kids, and often "talks" to them while they entertain her!  She isn't a fussy baby, only for the basic needs.  She loves cuddling and I take advantage of it whenever I can!  Here are a few pictures on this cute little girl!


  1. She is soooo sweet! What a lil' sweetheart! Isn't it the best when they sleep through the night?

  2. Oh Ashley your little one is so Adorable. She is one lucky girl to have such good parents!

  3. Holy moly! She has gotten so big since these picture!!! :(